Best Airlines for Pet Transportation

There are a number of airlines, which allow pets in cabin or cargo for transporting from one destination to another. There are some restrictions evolved in this process and it is indeed not easy to transport pets domestically or internationally between two destinations.

Best Airlines for Pet Transportation

Some of the best airlines for pet transport are:

  • Northwest airlines: This airline service has service to accept the pets in the cabin on all the US flights, expect to Hawaii. Pets are allowed in baggage checking and even in cargo compartments. The airlines must be informed beforehand about the pets. The staff members make sure that pets are transported safely and comfortably. You can carry-on pets, cargo ship or include them in checked luggage. Northwest Airlines are best for pet transport.
  • Delta airlines: This airline can accept pets in baggage, cabin or cargo section. There are restrictions for a certain pets and allowance is for dogs, hamsters, birds, cats, ferrets and guinea pigs. Delta airlines assure safe and efficient travel for the pets. There should be a kennel fitting in front seat or the passenger seat to keep the pet in one position. They don’t accept the pets lesser than 8 months of age.
  • United airlines: The United Airlines allow pets in cabin, cargo and baggage. They don’t allow a few dog breeds in summers for avoiding health issues for animals. This airline is the best for transporting the pets in a well-protected way.
  • American airlines: These airlines have acceptance of pets in the cabin and baggage. It is always better to inform beforehand about taking the pet(s) with you in the flights. The pets having huge body structures are avoided in these flights. The dogs and cats are mainly transported with these airlines.

It is always better to inform the authorities and staff well beforehand to avoid any hassles for carrying the pets along to the destination point.

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