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This is the old Helios Airways website, we are currently provide useful information to those who are interested in visiting Cyprus. Included are passport and visa regulations, embassies, general travel and flight information, useful numbers and contacts in Cyprus.


Cyprus is an island of legends that basks year-round in the light of the warm Mediterranean sun. A storied past 10,000 years long has seen civilizations come and go and the likes of everyone from Alexander the Great to Cleopatra stake their claim here - but then, people do tend to get possessive when faced with such beauty. Aphrodite made her home on Cyprus , and travelers throughout antiquity came here just to pay her tribute.

Facts on Cyprus Embassies
Passports and Visas Banks
General Information Newspapers
Pictures from Cyprus TV Channels
Civil Marriage in Cyprus Radio
Electric Current - Voltage Transport
Currency Government
Business / Shopping Hours Useful Numbers
What to Pack Education
Public Holidays Driving in Cyprus

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